Assignment #1: iPod websites

100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better

This is a great site that categorizes different iPod applications. Users can read the brief descriptions of these apps and if they choose to use them, they can download them right from the list.

In One Ear: iTunes U Puts iPods to Good Use

This article is an introduction to iTunes U. It showcases a few different educational podcasts and explains the benefits of them.

The iSchool Initiative

Someone tweeted this video so I went to the site. Travis, a 17 year-old, came to the realization that iPod Touches were a great solution to “broken education systems” and created an initiative to help fix the problem. It’s intriguing to say the least.

iPods in the Classroom

Good information and lists of free apps for all levels of education. The author even includes an editable sample proposal that could be given to school boards to pilot an iPod program.

iPods in the Classroom

This is an interview of Robert Craven, an ed tech coordinator in the Orange County Schools in California. He talks about their iPod programs and what everyone in their districts are doing with it.

Nine Year-Old Whiz Kid Writes iPhone App

A very short article about a kid from Singapore who has written more than one app for iPhone/iPod Touch. What are our nine year-olds doing?

Homework is Fun on an iPod Touch

…another short and sweet article about kids in Australia and a pilot iPod Touch program. The kids actually want to come to school!

A Computer Revolution Through a Child’s Eyes

The author talks about his 3 year-old son and his usage of his iPhone and its apps. He further explores the usefulness of touch capacity tools as well as the ease of use of these products.

Adding a Touch of Technology

This is my favorite article because I got to hear kids’ reactions to using iPods in the classroom as well as pedagogical questions about using technology. I think about it all the time: are we using technology to teach the same things or are we using technology to teach in a whole different way?