Assignment #3: Podcast Subscriptions

I subscribed to Open University's Portales, podcasts that are in Spanish and deal with simple cultural experiences. Each podcast is spoken by native speakers. The podcasts also have downloadable accompanying scripts of the podcasts.

I like these podcasts for a couple of reasons. First, the experiences that are talked about are mainly from Spain. I don't have much experience with Spain so it's a learning tool for me, too. Second, the native speakers are clear and easy to understand. Third, the accompanying scripts of the podcasts could be very helpful to turn into lessons or simply helpful to the audio/visual learner.

I'd like to use these podcasts in my eighth grade Spanish class. I'm thinking about using them as an extension activity or maybe a more advanced grammar study for my students who are ready for the "next step" in language learning.

I also subscribed to Viento en Popa (also by Open University), a simliar type of podcast as Portales, but I think it might be a little too much for my kids. I'm going to continue to subscribe to it, though. It may be useful for some of my native speakers.