Title of Unit: Standard Deviants’ Lunch Lady Rules!
Date: Beginning of School Year
Timeframe of Lesson: 13-14 classes
Subject Area: Spanish
Grade Level: 8
World Language State Standards

Technology Standards:
Foreign Language Standards:
B.5. Strategies: Students will use previous classroom experience with the language to understand its spoken and written forms
C.1. Oral presentations: Students will present student-created and/or authentic short plays, stories, skits, poems, and songs
Technology Standards:
A.4.5 Use media and technology to create and present
D.8.1 Participate productively in workgroups or other collaborative learning
Students will create individual “reviewcasts” of what they practiced from each short video.
As a final project, students will work in small collaborative groups to synthesize Spanish vocabulary and grammar and create a podcast that will be shared with other students.
Procedures for Lesson:
Students will learn how to create a podcast through demonstration and examples.
Students will view a Standard Deviants short film each day. After viewing, students will complete activities related to the video. Finally, each student will create his/her own “reviewcasts” by explaining in his/her own words what was reviewed that day. Each student will have 13 “reviewcasts” when finished. (These “reviewcasts” will be saved into individual student folders so I may listen to them.)
After all the video shorts have been viewed and all the “reviewcasts” have been completed, students will invent their own version of “The Lunch Lady” (a character and skit used by the Standard Deviants to help explain Spanish grammar)
Students will create storyboards/scripts to plan out their show.
Students will create a podcast to share with others.
Students will listen to their classmates’ podcasts and give feedback for improvement. Students will take suggestions and create final podcast.
Assessment or Evaluation:

Students may go beyond the assigned tasks to add extras such as pictures or video to make a video podcast
Smart board/projector for demonstration, computers with Internet access, requirements handout, scripts, the program “Garage Band”