Title of Lesson: Creating Personal Spanish-English Dictionary
Lesson Duration: set-up: 45 minutes; daily class maintenance; ongoing throughout sixth through eighth grade
Subject Area(s): Spanish
Grade Level(s): 6, 7, 8
Information Literacy Standards:
A.8.3 Use a computer and productivity software to organize and create information
B.8.5 Record and organize information

Content Specific Standards:
F.1. Speaking and writing: Students will use topics and skills from other school
subjects to discuss and/or write in the language studied
H.1. Structures: Students will identify cognates (words similar to English), word roots,
prefixes, suffixes, and sentence structure to derive meaning

Stated Objective(s):
Students will use Spreadsheet Software (Numbers) to create personal Spanish-English dictionaries
Students will organize vocabulary by language, by date/theme, and by grammar term
Students will maintain dictionaries throughout school years

Student laptops
iWork: Numbers
Handouts/Information from units or themes from class

Explanation of Lesson:
Students will create a simple spreadsheet that will become their personal Spanish-English dictionaries. They will create a header row that contains the following information:
Spanish word/English word/ type of grammar/date of input
Students will input the vocabulary terms. Using the different sorting and organizing tools of the program, students will then create different spreadsheets to be able to reference vocabulary four different ways. These spreadsheets will be ongoing and modified each time new terms are introduced.

Student Assessment:
Students will download their files into the shared network folder or send the file to me via drop.io so I may be sure all the terms are correctly spelled, organized, etc. Students will earn credit for the correct spreadsheets. They may correct inaccurate spreadsheets for full credit.
Struggling students may download partial lists to lower their anxiety about data entry. Excelling students may add to the terms based on further personal learning goals.