Title of Lesson: Mexico’s Independence Day
Lesson Duration: two to three 45-minute classes
Subject Area(s): Spanish
Grade Level(s): 8
Information Literacy Standards:
A.8.5 Use media and technology to create and present information
B.8.3 Locate and access information sources

Content Specific Standards:
I.1. Cultural variations: Students will discuss the meaning of perspectives, products,
and practices in different cultures
I.2. Comparisons: Students will compare the form, meaning, and importance of certain
perspectives, products, and practices in different cultures
I.3. Characteristics of culture: Students will understand the concept of culture as
they compare other cultures to their own

Stated Objective(s):
Students will access information through resources on the Internet
Students will synthesize information to create a visual web of important facts
Students will work in small groups to create collaborative webs

Student laptops
Mexico Independence Day Websites:


Explanation of Lesson:
Students will access information on Mexico’s Independence Day. They will choose the information they feel is important for other students to know. Then, they will access the site bubbl.us to create a web of the information they gathered. These webs will be shared in small groups to compare with other students. In small groups, students will create a master web from individual webs that will be presented to the whole class. The small group master lists will be combined into one whole-class master web of information to be posted on the wall.

Student Assessment:
Students will download their webs into the shared network folder or send the file to me via drop.io so I may give credit. The recorder of the group web will also send me a copy. Students will be assessed on neatness of web, concise information, and ability to explain/defend choice of information.

Struggling students will be allowed to use a pre-created web to fill in the information. Excelling students may add to the assignment by creating a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the US Independence Day with Mexico’s or they may create discussion questions for the class. These students will lead discussions that compare the two holidays after the class master web is created.